The Daily Fountain Devotional of the Church Of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) 9 November 2020 – All Things Work Together For Good

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Topic: All Things Work Together For Good

Read: Genesis 43:1-17 (NKJV)

  1. Now the famine [was] severe in the land.
  2. And it came to pass, when they had eaten up the grain which they had brought from Egypt, that their father said to them, “Go back, buy us a little food.”
  3. But Judah spoke to him, saying, “The man solemnly warned us, saying, ‘You shall not see my face unless your brother [is] with you.’ “
  4. “If you send our brother with us, we will go down and buy you food.
  5. “But if you will not send [him,] we will not go down; for the man said to us, ‘You shall not see my face unless your brother [is] with you.’ “
  6. And Israel said, “Why did you deal [so] wrongfully with me [as] to tell the man whether you had still [another] brother?”
  7. But they said, “The man asked us pointedly about ourselves and our family, saying, ‘[Is] your father still alive? Have you [another] brother?’ And we told him according to these words. Could we possibly have known that he would say, ‘Bring your brother down’?”
  8. Then Judah said to Israel his father, “Send the lad with me, and we will arise and go, that we may live and not die, both we and you [and] also our little ones.
  9. “I myself will be surety for him; from my hand you shall require him. If I do not bring him [back] to you and set him before you, then let me bear the blame forever.
  10. “For if we had not lingered, surely by now we would have returned this second time.”
  11. And their father Israel said to them, “If [it must be] so, then do this: Take some of the best fruits of the land in your vessels and carry down a present for the man — a little balm and a little honey, spices and myrrh, pistachio nuts and almonds.
  12. “Take double money in your hand, and take back in your hand the money that was returned in the mouth of your sacks; perhaps it was an oversight.
  13. “Take your brother also, and arise, go back to the man.
  14. “And may God Almighty give you mercy before the man, that he may release your other brother and Benjamin. If I am bereaved, I am bereaved!”
  15. So the men took that present and Benjamin, and they took double money in their hand, and arose and went down to Egypt; and they stood before Joseph.
  16. When Joseph saw Benjamin with them, he said to the steward of his house, “Take [these] men to my home, and slaughter an animal and make ready; for [these] men will dine with me at noon.”
  17. Then the man did as Joseph ordered, and the man brought the men into Joseph’s house.


Jacob and his sons were occupied with the thought of getting relief from the severe famine that was ravaging the land. They could not see the famine as part of God’s overall plan of sending them to Egypt to be reunited with Joseph as well as feed from Egypt’s storehouses. If you are praying for relief from suffering, pressure or any other need and God does not answer as quickly as you expect, remember that He may be leading you to special treasures.

In verse 9, Judah accepted full responsibility for Benjamin’s safety. He did not know what that might mean to him, but he was determined to do his duty. In the end, it was his stirring words that caused Joseph to break down with emotion and reveal himself to his brothers (Genesis 44:18-34). Accepting responsibility is difficult, but it builds up character and confidence, earns others’ respect and motivates us to complete our work. When you have been given an assignment to complete or responsibility to fulfil, commit yourself to seeing it through.

PRAYER: God, help me to know that beyond my present state, there is a better plan for me.

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