MFM Mountain Top Life Daily Devotional 4 September 2020 By Dr. D.K Olukoya – Back To Sender Prayers

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TOPIC: Back To Sender Prayers (Mountain Of Fire and Miracle Ministries, MFM Daily Devotional 4 September 2020)


FIRE SCRIPTURE: Psalm 35:1-9 (KJV)

1 Plead my cause, O LORD, with them that strive with me: fight against them that fight against me.

2 Take hold of shield and buckler, and stand up for mine help.

3 Draw out also the spear, and stop the way against them that persecute me: say unto my soul, I am thy salvation.

4 Let them be confounded and put to shame that seek after my soul: let them be turned back and brought to confusion that devise my hurt.

5 Let them be as chaff before the wind: and let the angel of the LORD chase them.

6 Let their way be dark and slippery: and let the angel of the LORD persecute them.

7 For without cause have they hid for me their net in a pit, which without cause they have digged for my soul.

8 Let destruction come upon him at unawares; and let his net that he hath hid catch himself: into that very destruction let him fall.

9 And my soul shall be joyful in the LORD: it shall rejoice in his salvation.

MEMORY VERSE: “For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:3

Everyone has a divine allocation.

PRAISE WORSHIP: Take a worship song as led by the Holy Spirit



Satanic agents must be made to witness the demonstration of the raw power of God.

Sometime ago, a man who had just become insane was brought to one of our meetings. He was very violent. So, the prayer warriors prayed that the Lord should put him to sleep; and he slept off. His people carried him home, still sleeping. He slept for two days before he woke up. The woman, with whom he had been sharing a shop in the market, came to the house and asked of him and was told that he was in. She did not believe it until she was led to his room, where she met him sitting up, hale and hearty. She said, “What did you do to him to make him normal?” They said, “Prayers in the name of Jesus.” She went home and slept. When she woke up, she ran mad. There had been a reverse of activities. That is what we call ‘back to sender.’

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Beloved, our prayers must be backed up with fire, so also should our Bible reading, and indeed all our other spiritual activities. Our prayers must be backed up with actions.

Elijah was a powerful man of prayer. There is no Bible student who will dispute that. But after he had prayed, he backed up his prayer with actions. He challenged the prophets of Baal to a contest. Elijah was not the only prophet around that time. There were others who were hiding in the caves and were fed with bread and water. They were silent, unknown and afraid. But Elijah, the troublemaker, came out, and even the king called him a troublemaker. He told the king that he and his father’s house were troublers of Israel.

Elijah gets 450 prophets of Baal, without any human authority questioning him for doing so. I pray that you will kill your prophet of Baal today, in Jesus’ name.

Elijah was not a gentleman to the devil. He openly mocked the prophets of Baal. He knew that Baal had powers but just as he had locked up heaven and put it’s keys in his pocket, he locked up the powers of Baal. He knew that their powers would be rendered useless. So he mocked and ridiculed them. This is not the type of action a gentleman would do. You too cannot conduct yourself as a gentleman when confronted by the devil. You need to be radical and aggressive. You need to silence the enemy through the use of “back to sender prayers” today. Pray until the enemy is confounded and put to shame.



  1. I bind and paralyse every spirit of demonic antagonism, in the name of Jesus.
  2. I bind and paralyse every spirit of demonic thoughts and unreasonable interviews, in the name of Jesus.
  3. I bind and paralyse every spirit of useless questions, in the name of Jesus.


  1. I bind and paralyse every spirit of confusion, in the name of Jesus.
  2. I reject every curse of failure, in the name of Jesus.
  3. I reject every counsel of enemies, in the name of Jesus.
  4. I command success into my life, in the name of Jesus.

MOUNTAIN TOP LIFE is a daily devotional by Dr. D.K Olukoya (General Overseer, Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministries, Worldwide)

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