Standing Before Kings And Great Men And Women (Part 9) Proverbs 22:29 by Pastor Caleb Ajagba

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When you are face to face with Kings and great men, listen more than you talk and make sure that when you are to talk, you have your current facts and figures handy. When you listen more and talk less, you are able to get all the details of what they want you to do for them. Don’t ever make the mistake of saying what you cannot do or fail to substantiate your propositions with evidence(s) to convince the King.

Many people think that with the power of oratory they can get much from Kings and great men, but this could turn out to be your undoing, because by what you say your service levels will be adjudged eventually. So it is advisable to talk less and write more, so that you can get all the vital details needed to execute an excellent job.

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Secondly, you must deal decisively with any issue of inferiority complex while face to face with Kings and great men. Your timidity is not a sign of respect or reverence to the King or great man. It is rather a sure sign of immaturity and lack of self-worth. So ensure that you politely but confidently measure yourself up to the levels of the Kings and great men as you talk or discuss with them. Remember that you ‘carry’ what they may not have and which they need desperately. This explains the reason why you have been sent for in the first place. Accordingly, when you are before them, prove that what they heard about you and which motivated them to send for you was not a fluke but authentic.

Lastly, give them more than what you promised them and do so creatively. God is able to do more than what we can ask or think. This attribute makes our reliance and trust in God unquestionable. It makes us to rest in His ability to handle what we have committed to Him. In the same vein, you will win the loyalty and trust of Kings and great men when you are able to give them more than what you had promised them. Kings and great men don’t take disappointments kindly.

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If for any reason you cannot meet up with the schedule of delivery of what they had told you to do for them, call them and inform them before hand, and don’t let them be the ones that will be chasing you around for not meeting up with the schedule. However, when you call them, give them a convincing reason why you could not meet up with the delivery and when they should expect the job to be completed.

The moment you have disappointed them, it is an outgrowth of wise business strategy to exceed their expectations by giving them more than what they asked you to do for them. Ensure you don’t charge them for every extra value you add in the course of executing jobs for them.

You put them off by so doing and present yourself as being more interested in making money from them than their ultimate satisfaction. Point out those areas where you made greater input than what you promised them, but let them know that those extra inputs and values come at no extra costs to them. This way, they will willingly introduce you to others of their status. And when this happens, you will be pleasantly amazed that what you thought you had lost will be handsomely recovered through their numerous referrals.

Written by Caleb Ajagba

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