Well, I lost my balance a lil before. It’s not cheating I saw that person’s cover photo with whom I’m following God’s word for cause Ecclesiastes 11. Thankfully he opened that door . N for Corona aswell. Things r under control when I live humbly as he had been in an ad which every1 saw. N I have ppl who said 2 do aswell. But, just I was shocked n things. N I had only said, bore! And if u were gay ur parents shouldn’t have had u! So, as a sis said: brother. So, maybe that’s what the man’s cover photo was saying!& my other Christian friend said not all hurts r visible or seen be gentle w him. N a lie is a lie even if everyone believes it.

So, I only effected that! As far as, going 4 buying things then… I will be mindful 2 not be cheated and other things no one should keep an eye on. I shouldn’t do ppl pleasing w u ty brother

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