The Wonders Of Heaven By Pastor E. A. Adeboye


Let Us Pray!

Immortal God
Invincible God
Immortal God how Great Thou Art.
… Repeat!


Father, Thank You for starting the Conversation with us; Thank You now for ending with us.
We can never Thank You enough because You have always been “Extremely Good” to us – We are very, very Grateful.

Even in our various homes, we will Thank You today: We will sing, we will dance, we will rejoice because we know that by Your “Special Grace” by this time Next Year; we will be able to gather together again to sing Your Praise.

So, we are very Grateful Lord – Please, accept our Worship in Jesus Name.
Thank You my Father and my God.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.
Praise the Lord – Hallelujah!

Today, as we Thank the Almighty God for this “Unique Convention”; we want to talk very briefly on the Topic: “THE WONDERS OF HEAVEN”.
And we will be reading from: Revelations 5: 11-13.

And while you are opening your Bible to Revelations Chapter 5: 11-13; I want those of you who should have been Ordained during this Convention to know that: As soon as God opens the way; we will make arrangements for you and be Ordained.

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In other words; you don’t have to wait till Next Year to be Ordained.
As soon as God opens the door; we will contact you and you will come and we will do your Ordination.

It will be “Very Special” one because you will be the one we are focusing on.
It might be a “Whole Day” affairs maybe instead of the normal three (3) days.
Probably, we will finish with the Deacons and Deaconesses, go and rest for a while; come back for the “Assistant Pastors”, take a break and then come back for the “Full Pastors” – All of them in one (1) day depending on how much Grace God makes available to us – Amen.

Now, Revelations 5: 11-13:

11 And I beheld, and I heard the voice of many Angels round about the Throne and the beasts and the elders: and the number of them was ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands;

12 Saying with a loud voice, Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive Power, and Riches, and Wisdom, and Strength, and Honour, and Glory, and Blessing.

13 And every creature which is in Heaven, and on the Earth, and under the Earth, and such as are in the sea, and all that are in them, heard I saying, Blessing, and Honour, and Glory, and Power, be unto him that sitteth upon the Throne, and unto the Lamb for ever and ever.

Heaven is a Wonderful Place.
We have talked about Heaven again and again:

I. We have talked about the fact that there is No Night there.
II. We have talked about the fact that the Throne of God is there.
III. We have Probably mentioned the fact that in Heaven there is no dying there; that God is going to wipe away tears from all eyes, No Pains, No Power Failure.

… Heaven is a Wonderful Place!

But do you know that the “Greatest Wonder” of Heaven; it is in the fact that: Praises goes on there Nonstop? – The “Greatest Wonder” of Heaven is Praise!

Why? – Because the Wonders of Praise lies basically in the fact that of all things that God will look for – The All Sufficient God; the “Only Thing” that He is constantly seeking for is Praise and Worship – John 4: 23-24.

Students seek for Wisdom; Business Men seek for Wealth and Contracts; Politicians seek for Power – The All Sufficient God seeks for Praise and Worship.

According to Psalms 22:3; He Practically dwells in the Praise of His People.
And so in the Bible Text that we read to you; when the Bible talks about: ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands – That is one hundred Billions Angels.
And He said that “The Mass Choir” in Heaven is not even enough with the one hundred Billions Plus thousands times thousands.

And not only that: Everything that God ever Created in Heaven, on Earth, Underneath the Earth, the Animals, the Birds, the Fishes in the Ocean – All of them were Praising Him.
Inspite of all these Billions, He is still looking for more Praises.

That is why when He looks down from Heaven and He finds somebody Praising Him on Earth:

1. He will shake the Earth so that He can reach that fellow.
Oh, Acts 16: 25-26, you know the Story.

Paul and Silas; they were in Prison – They were bound and they were going to kill them the next day

That Midnight, they were not complaining, they were not grumbling – They were Praising God, they held a Praise Service.

And while they were Praising God, they were Practically saying to the Almighty God – God we are not in the Temple tonight to Praise You because we are in Prison. But we will turn this Prison into a Chapel – We will Praise You here.

And the Almighty God said that in that case, I will Pay you a visit right there.

2. When He finds somebody Praising Him; He will cause Earthquake.
Why? – Isaiah 66:1 says: The Heaven is His Throne, the Earth His Footstool.

When He hears somebody Praising Him; He gets up from His Throne and with those “Mighty Legs” as He begins to come; the Earth will begin to shake.

Not only will He opens doors by force – The Prison doors by force; He will destroy every yokes, every binds – Everything that the enemies might be using to keep the People bound.
Because when the “Anointed One” arrives; yokes are bound to be destroyed.

3. When He arrives, He forces open Prison doors.

Why? – Because He has the Keys of David according to Revelations 3:7: *When He opens, No man can shut.

If only you can learn to Praise Him: All those ideas that: I knock at one door, they didn’t open will not be there.

I have heard Him say: You knock on one (1) door; three (3) will be opened.
All you need to do is be a Praiser!

When He arrives at that Prison; when He shook the doors open and He broke the yokes of the People – All of a sudden, the man they had put In-Charge to torment these People suddenly becomes their Servant – Acts 16: 33-34.

The man that was enjoying his Job, he was happy they brought these People, he kept them secured – Suddenly began to wash their wounds and began to to Provide them with foods.

You want your enemies to become your Servants – Praise God!

4. But that is not just the end – When they were Set Free, when all the yokes are gone; this man went and inform the People who threw these boys into Prison: Ha, a Miracle has happened here oh and the enemies (The People who threw them there) said let them go.

Paul said: You have humiliated us and it is now my turn to humiliate you unless you come and beg me – I’m not going anywhere.

Oh, when you learn to Praise the Lord; He will humiliate your enemies!

Oh, you don’t believed me; read 1 Samuel 24: 1 to end.

Saul was Pursuing David – He was Pursuing the Psalmist of Israel.

And then he (Saul) decided to enter into a Cave to rest for a while.

And David saw him (Saul) with all his friends – Look at the one Pursuing us, his friends said let us finish him. And David said: No, No, No – Let us teach him a Lesson.

He (David) went to cut a Piece of his (Saul) dress and then this man (Saul) now finally get out – David said: Hey, how are you sir. Look at Part of your dress that I cut. You are a “Dead Man”; I just spared your life.

The Bible said: King Saul wept: Ha, Ha; this is how you treat me? – He wept.

Begin to Praise Him the Way He should be Praised; it won’t be long before your enemies becomes humiliated!

5. And it is not just that: Because they were Praising Him; He still enabled them inside the Prison to Fulfill the Purpose of their lives.

Because they got into Prison because they were doing the Works of God – They casted out a demon out of a girl. That was why they threw Paul and Silas into Prison.

But right there in the Prison; they won the Soul of the Jailer and his entire family.

People who would not have attended their Crusade; got Born Again in Prison and were Baptised right there.

6. You know that when you begin to Praise God the Way He should be Praised; God will break any Law to reach out to you.

In Mark 1: 40-45; there was this Leper who came to Him (Jesus Christ) and Worshipped Him.
And the Law says: You don’t touch a Leper.

You touch a Leper, you become Unclean.

But the Lord Jesus Christ said: I made the Law; this fellow has Worshipped me – Here is a Worshipper, I will touch him and make him Clean.

My Prayer is that as you begin to Praise God today; the Almighty God Himself will touch you – Amen.

7. Do you know that: If you Worship the Almighty God; God can bring your Future into your Present.

In Matthew 15: 21-28 – A woman came: She was crying to Jesus Christ – Have Mercy on me, my daughter is seriously grievous of the devil.

The Bible said that when Jesus Christ answered at all, He said it is not the Time of the Gentiles yet.

… Gentiles are dogs, so leave me alone.

Then the woman came and Worshipped Him (Jesus Christ).

The Time of the Gentiles didn’t come until years later when Peter was sent to the house of Cornelius.

But for that woman: Her future was brought into the Present!

You know that there are certain Miracles that not normally should take time!

You see, God works according to Time Table.

Somewhere in your Time Table; maybe God has said that in ten (10) Years time; this will come to Pass. But if you know how to Worship Him; He can bring ten (10) Years time to Now!

… Because He controls the Beginning and the Ending – They both met in Him.*
When the mother of Jesus Christ at the Wedding in Cana of Galilee went to Him and said that they needed wine.

Jesus Christ said to her: Woman, my Time hasn’t come yet.

… But the Time came that same day!

I’m Praying for everyone of you who will “Vigorously Praise” God today: That all the Blessings that are in the future; God will bring them to you Now – Amen.*

I’m sure that you will say: If He does that; what about my future? – Then He will put fresh ones in the future!

What is my Conclusion: Very Simple!

I have taught a lesson to my People since years ago that: Whenever Prayers fails, try Praise!

Have you been Praying for something for years and you have not received an answer yet? – Hey, suspend Prayers and go to Praise.

It will amaze you that what Prayers of three (3) Years cannot do; Praise of three (3) hours will more than do it!

I will remind you of just one Testimony that I’m sure you heard before and then I will release you to Praise God – You have heard the story before but some of you may not have heard it.
Two (2) of my children (Husband and Wife) gained a Scholarship and went Abroad to go and study – It was in the days of Military Government in Nigeria.

After they started their Studies over there – I think they have been there for about a Year; suddenly there was a Military Coup at home and there was a Change of Government.
And the New Governor says: I’m not Paying for Scholarship for anybody.

So, the Poor ones were stranded in Foreign Land – No Money, no Help and they were hungry.

And while they were there; they had a Set of Twins before the Cut Off of their Scholarship and the children were beginning to cry for food.

When the father couldn’t take the cry of the children anymore; he took his books and ran away to the Library leaving the mother with the children who are crying for food – There was Nothing: No Money, No Food!

Then suddenly, my daughter remembered: Ha, we have Prayed and Prayed for Help but daddy said: When Prayer fails, try Praise.

So, she took her Tambourine and began to sing Praises unto God – Began to Praise the Almighty God, the All Sufficient God.

Now, there was a Group of Americans who are going from house to house Witnessing – They have been there since morning and they now decided let us go home.
But the Leader of the Group said: Just one more house.

And then they came and knock at the door and this woman opened the door – The children who has been crying, seeing a fairy huge White Man kept quiet for a while.

And then the man said that: I have come to talk to you about Jesus Christ.
My daughter said: Come in, I’m a Christian too.

And while he was trying to talk; my daughter said: Well I would have loved to offer you something but there is nothing in the house to offer you.

The man said: What are you talking about? At least a bottle of coke?
… Well, go to the fridge my daughter said.
He opened the fridge, nothing at all.
You mean it is true that you have Nothing?
The woman said: Yes, Nothing
He said wait for me – He went out, went to the Grocery Stores, came back loaded with foods.

I think it was on a Saturday and he said by Monday I will be back.

By Monday, he didn’t just come back with more foods but got a Job for my children.

From “No Food” at all; it wasn’t long before they bought a house.
The baby they had after that one; they named him: “HE CARETH”.

… You can cast your Burden upon the Lord, He Cares for you!

I want you to Please Worship God today like never before.

Begin to Praise Him – That is the Greatest Wonder in Heaven!

Praise Him and you will see even all the Prayers you might have Prayed during this Convention that you think has not been answered; will be answered today – Amen!*
I’m going to bless you now before you go ahead and Praise Him for as long as you like


And in case there is anyone since the beginning of this Convention has not yet given his/her life to Jesus Christ.

I hope that you better do so now because it is only the Praise of His children that He will accept.

Let me Bless you now!


My Father and my God; Ancient of Days – I’m Thanking you once again for this “Unique Convention”.

And it is in Your Name that I’m Pronouncing these Blessings on these Your children. They will be Praising You now just like they have never done before.

So, I decree in Your Name that: Everyone of you listening to me or reading now on the Label of DMC; during this Particular Convention; it shall be Well with you.

Every Miracles that you have been crying to God for; you will get it today.
Every doors that has been shut against you will be opened today.
Wherever you go: You will find favour with God, you will find favour with Men.

My Father Himself will Lift you High.

In every Areas of your Life; it shall be Well with you.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.

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