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Encourage Yourself In The Lord By Pastor D. K. Olukoya

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MFM Sunday Service Live streaming with Daddy D.K Olukoya (G.O, MFM Worldwide)
Date: 19th July 2020
Topic: Encourage Yourself In The Lord
Ministering: Dr. D.K Olukoya (G.O, MFM Worldwide)
Anchored Scriptures: 1 Samuel 30:6-8, Isaiah 26:3


I bring forth the word to you from scriptures, and what I’m admonishing you to do is what David did: ‘encourage yourself in the Lord’. Even if people are not encouraging you, encourage yourself in the Lord. Discouragement is a terrible disease.

(Daddy shares a story of a discouraged man) Let me tell you again the vision that person had:

He was so discouraged, he wept himself to sleep, then he had a dream. In the dream, he met himself in a big market and a lot of people were displaying things to sell in the market.
As he moved around the market, he got into a particular shop. On top of the shop, there was a signboard written: ‘Devil’s shop’.

After he entered into this shop and he found all kinds of tool that mr devil was selling. Then he found one tool that had been used and used and used, the tool looked like so many hands have used it. But then, when he looked at the prices; this worn out equipment was the most expensive in satanic market.
So he now said: ‘excuse me, why is this so expensive?’ The devil said ‘it’s my most effective tool against christians’

It is sad but it is true, that many of us actually wage war against ourself. Many of us actually hire lawyers to fight against us. Many of us have allowed discouragement and despair to take over; where boldness, courage, faith and prayers should be things you should be doing. Many of us downgrade ourself continually.

Listen beloved, whenever the devil wants to make you box yourself into a cage next time; encourage yourself in the Lord.

  • Discouragement means to take the courage out of you. Just like the disease, dis-ease to take ease out; lack of ease out. To discourage is to take the courage out of you.
  • Discouraged people don’t hear from God. The devil knows that discouraged people cannot hear properly or communicate with God properly so he uses it effectively.
  • Encouragement causes hope but discouragement brings hopelessness and despair.
  • Discouragement is one of the most devastating enemies of every good man.
  • Discouragement is one of the most terrible enemy that can destroy people everywhere.
  • Discouragement causes people to believe that success is impossible.
  • Discouragement has brought failure on countless endeavors
    When a person thinks he cannot succeed inevitably, he will try and he will not succeed.
  • Discouragement is an expectation of failure, which is a tentacle of discouragement.

It is easy to allow the pressures and burdens of this life to overwhelm us and cause us to despair; I want to encourage you.

  • Discouragement is a killer, discouragement has caused so many tragedies and so many troubles. It has made so many people to drop out of church, to drop out of school, drop out of relationship. It has cause many to give up on God, it has caused many to give up the fight and to lay down their bibles.

Beloved, the truth is this: everyone will have their share of discouragement throughout their lifetime; everyone! Into every life, a little bit of rain of storm is allowed to fall.

Your approach to managing that discouragement will distinguish you from others.
The success and failure we bear is directly tied down to how we handle and resolve discouragement.

During discouragement, the soul, the mind is full of worry. Absent mindedness, forgetfulness is a result of this kind of things sometimes.

And I want you to encourage yourself in the Lord, no matter what situation you’re passing through.

Complacency, loss of interest in things that will keep you fighting is caused by discouragement.

When discouragement comes in, negative thoughts begin to happen in people’s heart. Sometimes, even thought of suicide. Most of the people who commits suicide do so because they are discouraged.

I decree upon your life that every arrow of discouragement will go back to the senders in the name of Jesus!

  • Discouragement will bring a disconnect between you and God and between you and others. It is something you should not allow.
  • Discouragement has been in existence from the book of Genesis and can be found in many people in the Bible. The devil has learned to attack the mind of people with this tool.

We must learn to cry out to God in our troubles. We must learn to give God our anxieties. We must learn to ask Him for peace, we must say our mind to God and let Him gives us peace.

Encouragement causes brightness, hope. Discouragement causes hopelessness and sorrow.
The more you pray, the more you discover. The more you discover, the more you recover. The more you recover, the more successful you become. And the more successful you become, the quicker you reach your goal.

God bless you in Jesus name!

We are going to start praying now, but before we start praying (I’m bold, I’m strong; for the Lord my God is with me).

Prayer Rain:

After Ministration prayers by Daddy G.O:

Pay these seven mysterious prayers. Pray it to defeat discouragement. Pray it to pull yourself out of any pit the enemy is pulling you. Pray from your heart:

  1. Powers assigned to convert my right hand to my left hand, die in the name of Jesus!
  2. Every battle of the blood waged against me, scatter in the name of Jesus!
  3. Every instrument of battle prepared for me by the enemy, backfire in the name of Jesus!
  4. Declare this ten times: Return unto thy rest, o my soul in the name of Jesus!
  5. Powers preparing death for me, die by fire in the name of Jesus!
  6. O God arise and put to shame every power laughing me to scorn in the name of Jesus!
  7. O God arise and expose every enemy hiding in my life in the name of Jesus!
  8. Hunters of my virtue, your time is up; die in the name of Jesus!
  9. Powers assigned to punish me, I subdue you today in the name of Jesus!
  10. Anything I’ve eaten or swallowed physically or spiritually, that is troubling my body; melt away in the name of Jesus!

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